My fail safe way to stop an argument

Do you argue with your husband and partner? Let’s face it, we all argue with our partners. Arguing is something that most of us do not enjoy, but some couples just argue for make up sex. It can be really good and I do love having make up sex. However, it can be better to try to diffuse an argument than actually have a full blown argument. Speaking to the gentlemen I date at London escorts, I realise that it is often up to the lady to diffuse an argument. Some girls find it easy to do, and during my time at London escorts, I have sort found a failsafe way to learn how to diffuse on argument.

Does it work? Most of the time it works, but you can never guarantee it. Sometimes the other person is so wound up that they cannot stop themselves from becoming involved in a full scale row. It is a shame when it happens, and it is a matter of learning to control. When you have been working for a little while at outcall London escorts, it is something that you can become rather good at. Not all gentlemen I date at London escorts like to engage in arguments, but there are men who like to argue as well.

Just because you argue, it does not have to mean that there is something wrong with your relationship. When you live together with someone day in and day out, things can start to reach boiling point rather quickly. Learning how to slow things down is not easy. In general, nothing good comes out of relationships but sometimes it does. I realised that I have often argue with my boyfriend out of sexual frustration, and I think that applies to some of the gentlemen I meet at London escorts.

If you find that you argue more with your partner when you feel frustrated, does that mean you should just hit the sack instead. I have realised that if you identify what I call the flash point, you can actually diffuse the row before it even gets going. As a result, I have started to advise my dates at London escorts that they should just take their partner to bed instead. As a matter of fact, it many of London escorts regulars, report that it seems to be working.

I have tried it with my own boyfriend. It is really simple. Just give him the come on to have sex, and ask him what is wrong. He is bound to tell you, but the thing does not have to develop into argument. After all, it is silly to argue when you are naked. Now the gentlemen I see at London escorts – well, I simply tell them to take their partners to bed cavemen style. Ask them what is wrong, promise to fix it and have some great sex instead. Who says that London escorts cannot dish out relationship advice when needed? Try it and let me know if it works for you.